Palm Solution

Palm Tree Solution

Recycling Palm Fronds

Palm Tree Solution transforms the unusable into one of the most versatile materials on the planet. This environmental breakthrough not only deals with one of the most infamous torments of the recycling industry, but will also revolutionize the manufacturing world.

Palm trees are a notorious nightmare in the recycling and environmental industries. Short of burning (and even that cannot be easily achieved), palm fronds and palm heads are virtually indestructible, and there is no mulching equipment that can adequately shred them. It is also for this reason that palm materials cannot be composted. The currently available equipment cannot sufficiently reduce the plant or grind its seeds, which will cause those seeds to germinate and grow into new palm trees.

Palm Tree Solution Can Achieve What No Other Machine of Its Kind Has Been Able to Do

It will shred palm fronds and other leaves that are similarly difficult to reduce, such as banana leaves or eucalyptus. The machine’s specially designed carbide knives rotate at enormous speed and break down the indestructible plants into a fine, manageable powder.

Creating a New Construction Material

Even more miraculous is the machine’s ability to transform such unworkable materials into a versatile, all-purpose substance. When mixed with a small amount of organic resin, the powder produced by Palm Tree Solution can be turned into a material similar to plastic, plywood, or fiberglass. It is just as multi-functional as those other materials, only with the extra advantage of being entirely organic and 100% green.

This substance can be configured to any size, shape, color, or form and could be used in any application that normally employs fiberglass, plastic, or plywood. The wide range of the material’s use combined with its unprecedented low cost make an exceptionally profitable product that will benefit all corners of the globe.

Palm Tree Solution solves a long-standing environmental problem and in its place offers a new realm of boundless possibilities. It can usher in a new manufacturing era that is 100% green, sustainable, and respectful toward our environment.