Industry Applications

The Machine’s Applications

Organic waste presents a challenge to all sectors of society. The GeoDyn™ Machine’s ability to reduce that waste and then convert it to usable products can benefit countless industries in each of those sectors.

Food Waste Producing Environments

The GeoDyn™ Machine will deal with ALL food waste. In a matter of minutes, it will pulverize any food product, even hard-to-reduce materials like bones. And because the machine can be tailored in size, it can be installed at or near the site of food waste production. With this in mind, the machine can be utilized in any and all environments that generate food waste, including:


Waste Management Operations

The GeoDyn™ Machine opens the door to a new form of waste collection and processing. It will divert food waste and organic refuse from landfills and instead reduce all of it to profitable, beneficial products. Both national and independent waste haulers will be able to effectively and sustainably complete their waste management obligations while drastically reducing their costs and maximizing their revenue.

Green Waste Producing Environment

The machine could be utilized in environments that produce green waste. Organic matter such as grass and foliage could be converted into fertilizers that will go back to the very source that produced it or sold to other enterprises that can make use of the nutrients. Industries that can benefit include:

And Countless Others!

The applications for the GeoDyn™ Machine are endless. Wherever there exists organic waste, the NTT Machine will be able to process and deal with it. The possibilities are endless!

If you believe the GeoDyn™ Machine can benefit you or your business, please contact us